710, Noda, Higashimatsuyama, Saitama, Japan



代表取締役 正木康弘

Since the foundation in 1943, we continued a company activity with the trust that we cultivated for many years.

Our characteristics are the cutting of motor parts, pipe processing, Brazing processing and we poured power into automation and labor saving by the development of the exclusive machine made in the company in particular and rationalized the production.

We maintain company environment and will perform the development of the advanced technology, upbringing of human resources, more improvement of main facilities aiming at quality improvement in future.

For a technique demanded from a customer, I think about what we can do and repeat efforts because it is a required company, and a company will continue being active in future.

President Yasuhiro  Masaki

Management Principle

We make a superior product aiming at all weather type management and social contribute, and let's increase the development of the company and the happiness of the employee.

Office introduction

We conduct with Dream, Sincerity, Harmony, Creation.,

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